Saturday, September 22, 2018

Odisha Hockey Men's Worldcup Bhubaneswar 2018

Event 14th Hockey Men's WorldCup, Odisha
Venue Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar
Start Date 28-Nov-2018 (Wed)
End Date 16-Dec-2018 (Sun)
Organiser Odisha
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The center of attraction in inaugural ceremony of "14th Hockey Men's WorldCup, Odisha" will be Oscar Winner music director A. R. Rehman.

The Kalinga Stadium will reverberate with
'Jay Hind, Jay India
Mathe pe Vijay ki Bindiya'.

The Organisers are promoting the grand event in many ways Nationally as well as in international level.

Earlier, a nation-wide publicity campaign, 'Heartbeats for Hockey', was launched to showcase Bhubaneswar as a sporting venue and Odisha as a tourist destination.

Advertisements were put up on buses in London with the tagline of 'Odisha by Morning, Hockey by Evening'.

More than 30, 000 foreign tourists including players are expected to visit the Odisha capital during World Cup.

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Ticketa are priced between Rs 100 to Rs 250.

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Odisha Hockey Men's Worldcup Bhubaneswar 2018 Banner

Odisha Hockey Men's Worldcup Trophy in Bhawani Mall, Bhubaneswar
Olly: Mascot of the 2018 hockey World Cup with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik

Odisha Hockey Men's Worldcup Bhubaneswar 2018 - Banner in Malaysia

Videos promoting the Grand Event of "Odisha Hockey Men's Worldcup Bhubaneswar 2018".

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