Monday, December 7, 2015

Baliyatra Cuttack - photos of past events

Baliyatra festival is an important event in the calendar of Odisha which is held in the bank of Mahanadi river in the auspicious month of Kartik. Baliyatra starts on the full moon day in November-December which is celebrated as Karthik Poornima all over Odisha. This year it started on 25th November 2015 and concluded on 2nd December 2015 (8 days).

Baliyatra festival is celebrated to commemorate the glorious past of Odia Sadhabs' (Odia Meriners) commercial voyage that were organized to the islands of Bali, Sumatra, Java and Borneo for the purpose of trade and cultural expansion. Bali Jatra literally means, "Journey to Bali".

Lakhs of visitors from across Odisha and other states visit the festival. The visitors enjoy from large number of food stalls, joyrides, boating, cultural programmes, and also from wide variety of shopping stalls that include Handicrafts (Wooden, bamboo, metal, terracotta, appliqué works etc), Handloom Sarees, Creative works from SHGs etc etc.

Here are few photos from Historic Baliyatra festival at Cuttack.

Baliyatra Gates:

Baliyatra Gate 2008

Baliyatra Gate 2009
Baliyatra Gate 2012
Sand Scluptures at Baliyatra:
Baliyatra Sand Art on Save Girl Child

Baliyatra Sand Art

Sand Art of Boita Bandana at Baliyatra

Sand Sclupture at Baliyatra

Joy Rides at Baliyatra:
Joyride at Baliyatra

Joyride at Baliyatra

Totatora at Baliyatra
Crowd at Baliyatra:

Huge Crowd at Baliyatra
Handicraft Stalls at Baliyatra:

Chandua(Applique work) at Baliyatra

Applique work stall at Baliyatra

Beautiful Cane furniture at Baliyatra
A bamboo products vendor readying  her stall at Baliytra ground in Cuttack 
Baliyatra Brass works
Baliyatra Enbabling the Challenged
Handicrafts at Baliyatra

Cultural Programs at Baliyatra:

Cultural Program at Baliyatra

Odissi Dance Program at Baliyatra

Odissi Dance Program at Baliyatra

Odissi Dance Program at Cuttack Baliyatra

Odissi Dance Program by Soor Mandir Group

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