Monday, November 23, 2015

Bhubaneswar Smart City

What is the India Smart City Challenge:
The India Smart Cities Challenge is a competition for municipal leaders and their partners to promote economic opportunity in India, improve governance, and produce better results for urban residents. To unearth the best possible plans from throughout India, a range of 100 cities from every state will compete for funding in the first round. Bhubaneswar is a proud participant in India Smart City Challenge.

How can you contribute:
Go through the official website for Bhubaneswar Smart City,

You can contribute in multiple ways to Make Bhubaneswar a winner in the challenge.
  • Give your idea to make Bhubaneswar a smart city and smarter than other cities
  • Participate in "Capture BBSR Photography" Contest
  • Vote for Bhubaneswar
  • Like in Facebook
  • Contribute as a volunteer
You can win cool goodies and cash rewards by participating in these events and make your own city to win the challenge.

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